Social Media Marketing Suggestions That You Can Implement Now

Twitter is an amazing little world that is a great way to cultivate stronger relationships for both personal happiness as well as business success. I have hear a lot of comments that express ‘I just don’t get it’ or ‘Twitter doesn’t work for me’ and so I feel a calling to talk to people who feel that way. I’d like to go into a bit of detail about Twitter luv and what makes the Twitterverse go round.

Following Others: Following others who are relevant to your business is important, rather than simply gaining large numbers of links. It is recommended that you include your current and past customers, as well as those who belong to the same industry as yours.

Snap Bird allows you to search your tweets, favorites, mentions and direct messages by hashtag or keyword. You can also search another Twitter user’s account by simply inserting their change twitter handle in place of yours in the “WHO?” field.

Connect on the social networks. Is your prospect active on LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other popular social networks? If so, there are plenty of opportunities for you to touch base with them there. Get their email address, ask them for the Twitter “handle” and send them a friend request on Facebook.

5-Make a plan for your content. What will you post? How often? Many small business owners worry about this but if you think about ways to add value to the lives of your prospects, you’ll find lots of things to share and/or write about.

The answer is change twitter handle embrace social media electronic communication and all things online for all it’s worth! Why? Regardless of the reason that holds your prospect back from becoming a client; you need to stay in touch with these prospects on a regular basis. You should stay connected to them, so when they decide to get started it will be your company they choose instead of the one they happen to be driving by at the moment.

If you’ve ever pitched a blogger (or reporter), this story probably hits home. What you say to a blogger is important. What she says to the world is even more important.

Step 6 – Now that you have a decent amount of followers, start tweeting your posts to them. I recommend each post be tweeted twice, once in the morning and then right after dinner time when people are at their computers. The next day tweet your next post.

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