Travelling By Car In South Africa – (Cows Don’t Have Headlights)

In South Africa our transport infrastructure is excellent and our roads are in good condition. However, the distances between towns are significant, so if you’re planning to self-drive, it is a good idea to plan your itinerary to ensure they don’t drive long distances as fatigue is a major cause of road accidents.

For example, take along DVDs that you can watch on your laptop. This is cheaper than renting movies in the hotel room or going to the theater. Bring along books, puzzles, pictures you need to organize, and more to keep you busy.

Back packs. Ah, the convenience. Place medicine and other things you might need during your actual trip and you will be miles ahead. Make sure it doesn’t get packed away out of reach.

Fighting these sharks is often futile and expensive. Firstly your insurance claim could be held up for months while trying to get your vehicle back from these repair shops. This leaves you without a vehicle for a long time and if your car insurance policy does not include a alquiler de carros en bogota option then you will have to foot the bill for your alternative transport. Secondly, taking them to court does not help either because the delay caused by legal action only results in higher storage fees combined with legal fees.

Make sure to get your credit cards in order while traveling. Check your limits and meticulously stay below them- Americans have been arrested for accidentally exceeding their card limit while traveling abroad. Also be sure to know in advance how to report a stolen card; an 800 number will not work overseas, so you’ll need to know an international number.

A: Sure. But I can’t worry about what others think when I am doing something that makes sense for me. If people are so car-coddled that they can’t see beyond life with a vehicle, then they’re the ones with a problem. I also remind folks that it was my choice to live without a car and that I still keep a driver’s license.

Try to use the car rental companies that are well known and big names because they are more reliable. Again their services normally extend to giving you support in case of any problem on the road. Also it is possible to use these for the sake of getting any offers or discounts in case of promotions on the offing. If you are lucky to identify the right tour company you could get links to car hire firms that are good.

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