3 Easy Steps To Socialize Your Dog

As any owner of a new puppy knows; dogs like to chew. This isn’t usually a problem when the puppy is new and the whole family are enamoured but as the puppy gets bigger, chewing can become more destructive and needs to be addressed. This article looks at the main reasons for chewing and how to address them.

When it comes to food, Chis are not normally finicky unless an owner makes them so. Feed them puppy food until they are at least six months old, preferably to one year of age. Feed adult dogs mini kibble. Try to keep table scraps to a bare minimum.

Barking is a difficult habit to curb. Imagine we tried to train you not to talk to people! Anti-bark collars are a fantastic training aid as they provide instant correction. All good models are completely cruelty free.

As soon as the lead starts going tight, you immediately stop and stand still and say nothing. The dog will soon enough turn to look at you. Immediately click and offer a reward but the reward is given at your knees.

dog training always start at the basic commands. The owner will have to communicate with his dog in a way that it will understand. Owners should read from credible resources way to train his dog. He should already train the exotic american bully as soon as it arrives as a puppy. Puppies are very cute and sometimes the owners thinks that he can postpone the training when his dog is already full grown so that he can have more time to spend with his puppy. This is incorrect because the older a dog grows, the harder it is to train and obey his master, therefor the more troubles you and your dog will have in the long run.

Ear care: regular ear cleaning will help you to prevent infection. A suitable ear cleaner helps you to release debris and wax from the ear. Pets can develop trash and wax quicker than people. Some canines have very little ear accumulate and simply need less care. Other pups need thorough vacuuming every week. Examine your canine’s hearing consistently and discuss with your vet about his needs.

I’m sure these aren’t the only reasons to buy your dog a present, but it just goes to show that there are many ways to do so. There are plenty of shops and websites available with a huge array of dog presents aimed at any dog, any breed, any age, any size and any price. Time to start shopping!

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