Halloween Games And Activities – Give The Kids A Halloween Treat

The Amazing Race – Similar to the reality TV series, groups will navigate through a course and will be provided with clues along the way. The objective is for each team to attempt to be first through the pit stops.

Games can be fun, but they do nothing towards the goal of developing the teams ability to communicate better and work better together. Team Building Singapore like bowling and go-carting are enjoyable and can even help the team to have more camaraderie among them. But, it doesn’t do anything to develop skills. Which is why it is easily forgotten and has a low return on investment?

I divide the class into four Team building activities with equal numbers of boys and girls. Sometimes, I create single sex teams. This often increases the competitive nature of the activities. I chose four teams only as I find it an easy number to manage.

Line Up: Choose something like height, age, or last names alphabetically and divide everyone into two (or more, if there are quite a few people) teams. The first team to arrange itself in order is the winning team. You can even do this game a few different times, using different methods of sorting each time.

Our family really enjoyed game night. It gave us as parents a way to teach our children the importance of being both a good loser and a good winner. We live in a competitive world and as our children enter into that competitive world they need to be prepared for winning and losing and how to handle both in a christian manner. We would choose games that would involve our 4-year old. She loved Skip Bo as she loved to count. Yahtzee was another game that gave our 4-year old lots of enjoyment. Our boys even enjoyed picking up the dice when she would throw them across the table and onto the floor. Lots of good laughs: lots of fun for all.

This is a simple exercise designed to build trust and communication skills. It can be performed inside or outside and doesn’t require any special equipment. First prepare the mine field. This is simply a matter of placing objects on the ground like balls or Styrofoam cups or plates within a designated “field”. Next randomly pair up members of the team. You can draw names out of a hat if that works for you. The idea is for one member to negotiate the mine field with their eyes closed based on the guidance of the second member. So basically you have one team member who cannot see or talk being led by another who can both see and talk but who must not touch or physically guide the other.

TOSS A NAME: This will help your team remember names. With a ball one team member will toss it saying after getting it and say “thanks…” and “here…” This requires the person with the ball to say and remember at least two names. This can go on until everyone knows the name of everyone.

Have some team-building activities during practices. For instance, have the players stand in a circle and pass the ball around the circle. Time how long it takes. Then ask them to try again and beat their time. Watch them work together to figure out how to go faster.

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