Insomnia & The Ways To Solve Sleep Problems

A to-do list is great to have, as long as you don’t stop with the list. Getting moving on each entry is the hard part. But if you are reading this, I am guessing that Meditation is on your list.

First and easiest way is trying to reach this connection with yourself in the morning or in the evening in the bed. Just take 5-10 minutes and notice what is happening around you. If you have lived in same house or room for years then it might be surprising what you see and hear.

Melatonin is a hormone, but you can take it in capsule form. This is available meditation groups baltimore at most convenience stores and is much preferable to taking artificial sleep aids. Take melatonin 30 minutes before you plan to sleep, and you should feel drowsy. This is because melatonin is creating a sleeping potion effect. Some patients that suffer from insomnia do not have enough melatonin. They try to sleep every night, but they never feel sleepy. This is because their bodies do not produce any sleep potion, so they feel the same in bed as they do when fully awake.

There was an absence of fear — as distinct from my experience just prior to entering the class on the way to it. And indeed arriving in the class it was revealed that there was an accident on Highway One that delayed the instructor — a fire (which got my imagination ((the subconscious)) active. And I said “he is fine and will be here soon.” Later in the class I seemed to know what some participants were inwardly experiencing (because I experienced it too at the same time within me — it was a little shocking at the time — but in retrospect quite amazing and I was always calm). At other times I did not try to tune in.

There is an important message here. In this modern world people are always looking for the quick fix. Recently a friend and fellow T’ai Chi instructor developed an agreement with a GP such that the GP would refer patients who he felt would benefit from T’ai Chi. The service has now been withdrawn. The patients didn’t want to wait. They wanted the pill, the quick fix. They couldn’t be bothered with the practise required for T’ai Chi. They were missing the point. This article doesn’t seek to undermine the value of modern medicine, but let me give you an example. If you have a spine which is out of alignment, do you practise T’ai Chi and re-align the spine in a gentle, non-invasive manner, or do you merely take a paracetomol to take away the pain in your shoulders and neck?

My ajna center nearly opened the first time I noticed around 1978 and 1982. My “equipment” for deeper meditation had not been built, though at that time. That which I am sharing is learnt & remembered experience. It seems practicing slow Hatha yoga has a tremendously positive effect on the physical and emotional bodies.

By engaging in Dahn yoga exercises including the meditation exercises by the groups, you will be able to combine the discipline of meditation with fun.

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