Is Fast Food Really Dining?

This is not just another fad diet book – of which fill libraries, bookstores, and the internet, but the true story of how I lost 150 pounds in about 14 months (and kept the pounds off). A story, which I believe anyone who can walk, will benefit from.

All your organs and parts, including your liver and your immune system, are controlled by the nervous system. A stiff distorted spine causes sympathetic nerve dysfunction and nerve irritation causing arterial spasm, arterial hardening, increased cardiovascular disease, accelerated body aging and untimely demise. You’re only as old as your spine.

Our guy wants to shed 30 pounds of fat from his body and bulk up a few inches on his arms, chest and back. He’s got good genes for muscle growth and is in the mesomorphic category. He has a tendency to be athletic and well coordinated, just a bit lazy about working out. He gets bored easily and lasted about three weeks on his last attempt at getting back into shape.

Spicy foods. If you like spicy food, this tip is perfect for you. Studies show that spicy food such as chili and peppers eating breakfast can help you to increase metabolism. Adding a little spiciness to your mid-day meal can still help rev up your metabolism.

I didn’t mean to start training and running, you can’t. But you can walk so I recommend you to start walking every day 1-2 mile not to fast, but not to slow. Walking is a replacement for running and it helps to burn fat in your body. Don’t forget to drink water and to put special shoes not to harm your knees.

Make the first day of preschool special. Prepare your child’s favorite Breast Fast together, allow him to wear his favorite outfit, and tuck a favorite toy or blanket into his backpack (make sure everything you send to preschool is labeled with your child’s name). Take a special “first day of preschool” picture. Be sure to allow enough time to prepare for the first day of preschool in a relaxed, unhurried manner.

Drink a tall glass of bottled or distilled water. Record it in your log or on your voice machine. Get your jump rope and mat; don’t forget your timer. Establish a clearing for your jump rope workout; preferably nowhere near the lamp or ancient Ming vase. Set your timer for one minute and coil the rope in one hand and pretend to jump rope. That’s right you’ll be air jump roping for a while. The first few times will be merciless if you have not been doing this for awhile.

As far as service goes, I thought our server was kind. She was a very attractive and personable Puerto Rican young lady, who did check on us to make sure everything was right. I was impressed by how she had our carryout pizza, ready to go the exact moment we were ready to depart. She was attentive, even though a bit overwhelmed by a substantial amount of tables. It seems that Danny’s only has three or four servers, even during busy nights. If you have a family, they do have a kids menu, and this restaurant is a lot cheaper than the majority in the area. The address of Danny’s International Restaurant is 1351 Ashford Avenue San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907. They can be called at 787-724-0501, and are open most days from 7 a.m.- 1 a.m.

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