Marketing Video – What Is It?

Everyone is trying to cut corners with their budgets and trying to promote themselves in the most cost effective way, and fortunately there are plenty of ways to do just that. My article will give you a few insider tips to help you along the way with your low cost video production project.

Call in-house production departments at the larger corporations in your area and offer to help any way you can. They’ll usually throw a boring, low-budget work at you. However, money is money when business is slow so don’t be picky.

First, let’s suppose that you are a small firm that wants to go after high profile, large companies as clients. The video will be important to getting new business as it will introduce and overview your firm. All of the factors seem to require a high quality production. This will tend to push you to the premium level. However, because of your limited resources (you are a small firm after all) you may prefer to budget at the lower end of the Premium range. Budget $6,000.

Take a look at your competitors. If they are using videos see if you can find out who made them. Some Producción de video companies specialize in specific types of customers or industry sectors.

Clear Briefs and Clear Objectives – having a clear brief and objectives for your project will allow you to work with an agency much more productively. The difference between an average agency and a great one is that the great one will ensure the brief is understood thoroughly. So the more information you can provide at this stage, the better for a creative and productive working relationship. Do not wing a project of this nature – remember it is your company image and reputation on the line.

The personal connection is important. Now you are talking to maybe 2 or 3 companies and they have received your brief, you can get a real sense of how they work by chatting through the requirement and seeing what ideas spark.

Have you ever given speeches or seminar presentations? This would be great material to capture on video. You can upload this onto YouTube, but also you could sell it as a product, perhaps as a DVD. People interested in your regular content would be keen to buy something like this as it offers tremendous value.

The success of your video depends on your ability to plan, execute, and create. It isn’t hard to learn or master, and once you learn the basic steps, there are numerous short cuts and tricks that will speed up the process. But you should learn how to walk before you run.

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