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To be a Black Belt in the martial arts you must train every day. You must practice the basics over and over and over. Soon you develop the habit of training.

Filing School management system are already used for so many purposes in every day life which aren’t recognized as filing systems. Your computer has files and folders in different places probably saved in a haphazard fashion on your hard drive with some things misfiled or duplicated because you’ve lost track of them. The shoebox in the cupboard has a pile of paid bills. That’s a file. A book shelf files books. That’s also a file. As is the shelf under the DVD recorder.

Emotional safety? Students are at the mercy of psychological conditioning and peer-group therapy. The curriculum is designed as a feel-good exercise, not a learning path. The children know they are being cheated. The parents are being conned.

2 Basic financial management. How to open a bank account, checking accounts, apply for a loan, credit Student management system and budgeting. Wonder why we are in the economic pickle we are in today? No one really understood what they were doing.

In this time management tip, we look at how you can draw up a daily schedule. Plan out what subjects must be revised each day and how much time you should allocate to each subject. For example, you need to spend more time on your weaker subjects but at the same time not forgetting the stronger ones. Draw up a daily schedule on what needs to be done each day after school or for the whole day on weekends.

You must set up a calendar of each month with activities that you will do to bring in new students. Then you must set up specific times of the day where you plan to do the tasks. Finally, you must actually do them.

There is no safety of any kind in public schools for children or their families. What permeates the schools in fact is insecurity and fear. The problem is government control. The answer is local control, possibly by establishing a “charter district.” That would eliminate the teacher union and burdensome state mandates. Let anyone who can teach apply. Let teachers and parents control what goes on and most of the corruption would end. Where there’s no compulsion there’s no resistance. Where there’s no coercion, there’s no rage, and contentment increases. Happy, free and responsible people don’t harm each other.

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