Spiritual Thinking A Stress Buster

Does stress free driving sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. We need simply recognize what happens to us when we get behind the wheel of our vehicles. Something happens to all of us when we get behind the wheel of our cars or trucks. We in fact become different people with different levels of control and aggression. It’s like being in a battle zone. There are a couple of things you can do daily to ensure stress free driving.

Being a techno person, I love all the organization software out there that allows me to keep my contacts, to-do lists and appointments. I also use gadgets such as cellphones, wireless e-mail, and personal digital assistants. Good use of technology can save you valuable time.

WWOOF-ing is hard work, but it can to take you to some truly incredible places. Imagine spending a week at a butterfly farm in Australia, or studying meditation instruction baltimore in the jungle in Thailand!

When I’m in need of a tune up or an overall balance I take my friend Patty’s Kundalini Yoga class. It’s my little bit of mind, body and soul nourishment relaying the body is a temple and to look after it.

The final rule should be first, last and in-between: practice! Talk to yourself, talk to a friend, talk to a tape recorder. Listen to yourself and critique. Does your voice sound too high? This is usually easy to fix, just relax your throat. If the volume is too loud or too soft, you’ll hear that on the tape. Are you a fast talker or too slow? You want your speech to be varied in pace so you don’t lose your audience. Listen for mumbling, words slurred, consonants left out at the ends of words. Be picky with your enunciation, especially sloppiness with words like “comin'”, “coulda” and “gotta”. Practice saying “yes” instead of “yeah”.

Would you believe me if I told you that the real answer is to simply slow down? This sounds very simple and unbelievable, but it is the answer to many of the problems that our fast paced world faces. Let’s take a look at some different things that might give you a better understanding of what I mean.

Lastly, I would also like to encourage you to be curious and do not take things on the surface. Learn to be curious like a child, and find out why things are happening the way they are. While you are at it, force yourself to find out the answers yourself without asking anyone else. This helps you to be an independent and street smart thinker. You could end up becoming more innovative and even think of ideas that hardly anyone else can think of too. Learning to be curious has the same potential effects as challenging yourself to complete difficult puzzles and brain-boosting games. Also, think of it this way. If Thomas Edison had not been curious, do you think the light bulb would have been created?

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