Star Wars: Darth Vader’s Mask Freaks Me Out

Who exactly wants to lose weight and why? Well, in this day and age, people even want their pets to lose weight. Buster Bulldog is so fat that he can roll over twice before you notice it. If you didn’t get that, he rolls in his own fat. Tabby Pussycat is so fat the last time she caught a mouse was in 1993.

Another factor that will allow you to keep your phone for a long time will be how much data can be stored on the device. Most Android phones have a microSD card slot that supports cards up to 32GB. This will allow you to keep an abundance of music, 123movies, pictures, etc. The wild card in this scenario is how much internal storage the phone supports. If you have a 16GB card with 1GB internal storage, your total storage comes to 17GB. However, if the phone has 8GB of internal storage added to your 16GB card, you just bumped total storage to 24GB. If you have a large music library, that difference can be huge.

Don’t look for what’s not there, feel it. It’s a feeling in your gut, it touches your heart. It motivates you to act. Yes, through years of suppressing it, it will no longer be recognized as important at all. It may take effort at first to get it moving, but like a train on a down hill track, once it starts moving no one can stop it. It becomes a burning desire that nothing can quench. Then and only then will you know your true self. Then you will know what you are made of and your true potential will boil to the surface and erupt into a force of undefeatable power.

But most women are taking the sand out of their kids diapers and dodging basketballs in the driveway which is not all that beneficial in keeping the tummy flat. Women often have a slower metabolism which doesn’t help the situation. It wouldn’t matter but women care about how they look unlike old men like me.

A party that vets all candidates before supporting them to run in the party – criminal background checks, financial background checks, drug and alcohol tests, and perhaps even a successful lie detector test; asking a list of questions vital to the security and safety of America.

It is shocking to be in a lovely restaurant eating exquisite food and enjoying the quiet atmosphere only to be interrupted by someone at the next table shouting into their cell phone. It is unclear how this ever became an acceptable practice. There are few things more annoying than listening to one side of a conversation in which you have no interest. People seem to speak more loudly on the phone than they would were the person across from them at the table. It is extremely rude to accept a call and to continue chatting boisterously is inexcusable.

When stardom is new, autograph signing can be a thrill. One night in Paris the 60 year old Cary Grant and 25 year old Sophia Loren wished to go out to dinner. “But the people will come up to us. I can’t stand it!” said the jaded Briton. “I love it,” said Sophia. When they left their hotel Grant complete with his hat pulled down,dark glasses, his scarf wrapped around his face, and his huge overcoat looked like the Invisible Man. Sophia looked like Sophia. As they walked the streets of Paris people began to come up to her for autographs which she joyfully signed. After a few fan encounters Grant began to get jealous. Down came the hat, off came the glasses, the coat and the scarf and soon he was standing under neon lights to get noticed.

What really makes the movie enjoyable are the characters Sutherland and Abel. It turns out Dean Cain really isn’t the star of the movie, it is Justin Whalin. I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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