The 3As To Improving Your Public Speaking Skills – Ask!

After two years of serving as CEO of a online video technology company I founded I’ve once again started working very closely with public speakers to help them earn more passive income from their work. What I’m essentially doing is taking their public speaking skill and building on it with advanced marketing knowledge, training and implementation. Most public speaking skills, such as that taught by Toastmasters, focuses on the fundamentals of good speaking.

This is probably the most important part. In the previous point I mentioned that you should hold your speech in front of your friends. Why not video tape yourself then? It will be a good practice to look at how you held your speech.

Toastmasters teaches that quality in public speaking is measured in three dimensions — content, organization, and delivery. The same is true for any form of learning content.

Your intonation and pitch. Can you choose a topic to emphasise existing events that might be considerable for your audience? Is it a skilled organisation and so on?

More and more busy professionals are turning to online solutions as a smart choice to build Presentation Training Courses. The reasons are simple. Low cost, convenient and extremely flexible. Exactly the opposite of an in-person training or elite coaching with a media expert.

Brainstorming is effective for boosting a lot of skills. But effective use of brainstorming is the most important. Before going to the dais think again and again about the topics or issues that could be covered in the speech. Write it down in a small piece of paper and take it with you to the dais. Try to say two or three sentences about the topics written in your paper. Do not try to brainstorm while you are at dais. The people who are efficient enough can brainstorm even while they deliver their speech. But it is not effective specially for those who are new. Mostly it happens that, the new public speakers try to brainstorm at the dais, found their brain blank and get nervous.

Next, I find so many great communicators who are not clear on how to tap into the market for their niche. The next thing I ask in my questionnaire is “what is your “niche” market as a speaker?”, which I placed there almost as a ‘gotcha’ question. You see, when the answers to the two questions don’t match, there is a high likelihood that the speaker is struggling to develop enough content to develop a rich passive income. Once we have them in alignment with their unique God-given message, the rest is easy. I’ve talked about this more in depth in other recent public speaking tips, which you will find along with many other free public speaking tools at Unforgettable Speakers.

Good delivery of your speech is just as important as the speech itself. In your delivery, you want to engage your audience, get them excited and interested. Eye contact is one way to draw them in. Look around at your audience, and get eye contact with people while you speak. Gestures will help to enliven your delivery. Use big gestures sparingly, but moving your arms, hands and head will stop you looking too rigid. Don’t be afraid to move around during your delivery. Avoid moving too much, as this can be a distraction, but you can use a change in position, such as stepping into another area, as a way to signify a transition to another point in your speech.

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