Watch Tv On Your Computer – 3,000 Channels Straight To Your Screen?

IP TVis a system that lets you get the best out of your TV and the internet. Yes, it uses your existing broadband connection to deliver the best TV shows current or past. You also get movies-on-demand, which is a unique competitive advantage the system has. Moving on beyond regular TV shows, IPTV lets you access YouTube and other popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Panasonic uses their 600Hz Sub-field Drive to improve viewing on the TC-P42X3. Was this does is take each of the 60 frames shown each second and breaks them down into 10 “sub-fields” each. This ends up resulting in each frame being displayed for a fraction of the time it normally is. This result is a “smooth” and more fluid picture, and less of an effect due to “afterimages”.

This is where so many installers and distributors of HDMI Equipment come short. They use CAT5e which for HDMI is not great. It works but the system margin is bad, picture drop outs and pink screens. Most of your problems can be solved with just using CAT6 cable (good quality). Installing extra CAT6 Cables is a great idea for future upgrades. It is even better to use Shielded CAT6 (FTP) to avoid mains interference and if you are laying CAT6 cables outside.

On the other hand, viewers are also inside the profit with such kind of live online television streaming. Viewers have the television too at the tip of their fingers. They could stream this kind of reside Television at any point of time from anywhere.

Vision One has done it again by teaming up with HABU.TV in the U.S. to bring real American TV programming to Asia! “We are very excited about our new VANTAGENS IPTV for Asia called HABU.TV (which has a catchy phrase to it as well Hook A Brotha Up with some TV!) that we just rolled-out. We are offering over 250 channels of premium programming directly from the U.S. with 100 hours DVR included to enable time shifting for the Expats and Military Communities in Asia”. It certainly sounds good to me! Being away from home for extended periods of time used to mean that you had to settle for whatever local cable/satellite service was available in your host country, which is very different from U.S. programming.

CW (KCWI-Ch.23) – On Gossip Girl at 7:00 pm, Serena pushes Charlie to make a big decision. Hart of Dixie finds Zoe trying to win over the people of Bluebell at the Founder’s Day Celebration. Hart of Dixie airs at 8:00 pm.

The biggest surprise of Monday evening’s PlayStation keynote was that it was actually pretty good. Ok, I kid. But really, PlayStation needed to do some major mea culpa regarding the inexcusable PSN outage over the last couple of months. I’d say that CEO Jack Tretton did a commendable job of doing just that. I would have liked to have seen specific examples of how SCEA is protecting our information, but hey, E3 is supposed to be fun, right?

This is only the beginning. The cable television industry has a lot to learn. They have to retrain their workers. They have to re-write their mission statements. They have to recreate themselves. It will take some time, but at least they are now headed in the right direction for customer, investors and workers.

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